2013's Top Engine Posts

2013's Most Popular Engine Posts
by Don Terrill

what to do to equalize header temps Acoustic versus finite waves
Chamber Stall
VE and rpm related to the intakes valves L/D ratio
Exhaust Design - Exhaust Pressure Traces
Max Horse Power for Ford 302 block
Aluminum rods hitting cam
towing heads and cam question
piston damage question
Is Taylor a useful reference for racing engine design?
How to diagnose a random misfire?
Exhaust thrust
racing gasoline
Pinch point debate 2
History of the Chevrolet/GM BBC big block Chevy
Low profile intake manifold tuned for the 3rd resonance
Help rocker wear pattern w/ pics
Synthetic oil for Flat Tappet cams
Please school me on dry sump systems
Retarded timing acting like a rev limiter
Compression Ratio Limits and Iron Heads
Worn Thrust bearing .........…again
Even runner flow
how much oil pressure is too much?
Importance of Valve Job
Lean spot from 1800 to 2,500 light throttle
engine assembly horsepower tricks/tips
Dyno tune up---100 HP
Emulsion Part 2

2013's Top Engine Book: The Horsepower Chain