Flashback: Popular 2015 Engine Posts

Flashback: Popular 2015 Engine Posts
By Don Terrill

Wheel stand--carb stumbles
2.2 hp/cfm
440 "six pack" cam
performance slow down as day goes on
Exhaust question: What is "blowdown length"?
CDI ignition - gross vs nett spark energy
Would you do this on your intake side?
Results from thinner ring pack
Budget 350 Chevy build ?
Oil viscosity vs engine longevity
350 sbc de-stroked with 262 crank?
Mobile 1 Flat Tappets?
Anyone ever flow bench verified the benefit of notched bore?
rod bearings gone, trying to understand why
Which EFI and coil-on-plug ignition with crank trigger?
Single plane on this motor?
400 sbc
romaxx clyinder heads
New heads new valve job?
what heads would be best for a 383 stroker
iron head vs aluminum head combustion heat
Solid Cam With "Forgiving" Lash Ramp Design?
Sheet metal intake manifold help please
Just another sb2.2 build
Holley 4 corner idle
Valve spring pressures
calibrating a maf sensor
egt sensor question
How to test oil properly.
c6 z06 ls7 cylinder head upgrade
Crank Thrust Surface Trouble
Cowl-induction scoop
how will installation centreline effect my cam?
Fuel "foaming" in float bowls problem
Vacuum Advance..
BBC 496 cam selection.
461 heads - Angle mill vs. Flat mill
Billet pistons
How to size a valve to port
.904 Lifter Advantage?
camshaft duration and dynamic compression questions
Vic Jr or no??
Advantages of beryllium copper valve spring seats?
Intake manifold test data.
Intake Port Extreme Narrowing Before Bowl ?
More Rocker Geometry Considerations
engine kicking back on starter ?
Air fuel ratio,what is proper?
355 SBC 640hp with iron heads on avgas
Dual plane porting results........
Russian cyl head
What and how important is Effective Compression
Reason for using a "slow" ramped intake lobe?
Cool valve cover video
BBC machine work , valve size & oiling mods
Injection timing in relation to valve events
Piston, bore scratches - What happened here?
Unconvential approach to leaning out a Holley idle circuit
Step okay from exhaust port to header tube?
Pressurized radiator
High pressure / high volume oil pump
Changing heads for more horsepower and hopefully lower et
for the efi specialists - maf question
Volvo's forgotten V8 engine
merge collectors
exhaust and muffler question
Is my intake too big for my combo?
EFI experts, True VE tuning
The New NHRA Pro Stocker
Controlling the Heat
A neat post from Larry Widmer
Sportsman 2's porting
Rocker Arm Geometry-How to Modify?
Arao Cleveland heads
Any news on the Melling Helical Asymmetrical oil pump?
Criteria for going to bigger intake valve?
Peanut Port Drag Test
Muriatic acid for cleaning water jackets?
Tailgate porting..
900hp Small block Chevy street engine
Header size (too large) vs cam selection in BBC
5/64 ring package
18ยบ 434 SBC Dyno Results
460 BBC Dyno Test
Can I get to 10.0 with new combo?
Mid 10's street car NA?
Build an ECU porject
shift recovery/ engine recovery
Turbo exhaust manifolds
The human element of tuning
Port velocity info
low lift airflow
Singh Grooves, one more time

Looked for posts with >2,000 views - 3,000 to 4,000 would have probably been better.