Popular 2016 Engine Posts

Popular 2016 Engine Posts
By Don Terrill

Is this street engine goal possible???
Ok Exaust aficcionados, what are your toughts here
Turbo are free power NOT
1.94" intake valve on 305
Kaase - this should get you guys going.....
383 carb and cam ?s
Holley 950 cfm, 3-barrel carb.
Need help picking a SBC intake manifold....
Crank Wear Pattern - oil starved?
quench vs. zero deck
SB Chevy profiler
What Tech to Talk About
Poor results from chassis dyno
Overhead Carb Video
Main caps walking - detonation?
Inexpensive SBC heads.
Oil viscosity and hyd. roller cams ?
Square tube headers? What
Novice holley carb tuning help
advice on forced induction. using max psi, E85, Nitros
Vizard's secret '128' cam spec # revealed
The 128# LCA calculator saga Part II
Electric motor vs. Gas engine
intake runner length and rpm fast 102
Will this cam change make my car a dog
When are siamesed center exhaust ports a liability on a V8
Burr finish in plenum, on the street
Holley 4412
Stone Soup LCA Calculator
Air box design
Lifter face radius question
KB Racing Advantage
Best way to extend the power - lift or duration?
Intake manifold to heads port miss alignment ?
why is my timing mark jumping around now?
Flow Balls - quick valve de-shrouding move
Engine self-distruction puzzle
shopping list for a low budget 500hp sbc
Cam LSA and Duration Selection Tool
Flat tappet breakin spring pressures....
Rocker arms question ?
Camdesign transparancy !
Cam for undercover 383
Dyno results question
16/1 compression
Best indicator of idle quality?
Very slow revving engine
Understanding Design of Motion Graphs Like Cams
Torque dip
Piston Ring and Bore Assembly Lubrication
Cranking Compression and Octane Requirements
Missmatched combo performing very well?
Cam advance/Retard – What’s Really Needed?
Porting questions
Radical dual plane intake modifications
Old stuff,mix and match,result?
Which combo for Circle track?
Plug readers please!
super victor 2 or air gap? afr 195 shp 406 200 shot...
how to improve your valve seat work
The valve lash keeps getting larger
Coil output voltage risetime
Radiator air exit temp vs thermostat temp
Flow through manifold/carb
Ring alignment/blowby issues.
Power difference between solid flat tappet and roller cams ?
Engine oil dyno test BPenn & Driven
Hp vs tq
advice for head porting
big block will not rpm
Intake ports slightly wider than head ports
anti-reversion plate
some people should not be allowed to touch engines
Runing Hot
3310 holley
From a 300-36 intake to a Victor Jr.
When is "too much Lift"?
133.5 Cam # & Edelbrock’s Supposedly Lame BBC ‘E’ Heads
Victor JR on a mild engine ?
Strange exhaust setup...is this hurting me?
600 hp LS recipe
Custom cam VS "shelf cam"
Lets just increase the bore?
coated bearings
Beehive springs advantage
Ported Chevy 781 heads
Singh Groove Test Engine – the Real Power Moves
Stroke vs Bore Does it matter?
Low Vacuum reading at idle on Nova SS
Valve - port interface nomenclature
Target Dynamic Compression
Suggestions on setup for 1000 hp
Vizard Report - Singh Groove Tests
sbc 383 intake recommendation
Gasoline evaporation rate
Low Compression and Advancing Cam
Oil squirt notches on connecting rods?
connecting rod length, suggestions
The need for new innovation and product for SBC & BBC engine
NA Engines: Factors that increase torque
Camshaft balance
Lost 2.5mph and .2 in the 1/8th any ideas
2 HP per CI with Twisted wedge R head SBF?
Tunnel Ram Like Billy Glidden's
Cooler Weather & More Power
JUST LOST!! Engine just NOT making power
Comparing 2 Heads: Implications of Reduced Exhaust Flow #s?
toluene to up octane rating
Matching chambers to the bores
New COPO Camaro cam specs
Bore Vs Stroke - how it shapes up in the real world --
The Next Generation of Lifter Technology......
Ported AFR 220 heads pre eliminator
500hp 331 with a Muthr Thumpr cam?
Pump gas compression ratio?
Four rocker arms ratios - zero difference
Power loss with bigger valves.
Advanced engine tech
Megaphone suggestions/concept
Straighter ports
Anyone ever do a custom exhaust based on the formulas?

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