50 Most Popular Engine Posts of All Time

The 50 Most Popular Engine Posts of All Time 
By Don Terrill
  1. Chamber Grooves - what do you guys think?
  2. Testing David Vizard’s Oil Extreme
  3. Which tunnel ram and carbs should i buy
  4. Why are carbs still used in racing if F.I. is so much better 
  5. Combustion Flame Speed
  6. exhaust port size? 
  7. Vizard's secret '128' cam spec # revealed 
  8. PICS- Factory GM oil filter adapter issues? Speak up please. 
  9. Experience With "Balanced Cams?" 
  10. Quench "flame channels" in piston vs. head quench
  11. Why an engine makes more power off a burr finish 
  12. The great torque/HP debate 
  13. Chinese look a like Little-M block 
  14. firing order swap on 4&7 
  15. Another "How much will it make?" Project "Special Needs" 
  16. First time header build 
  17. Let's talk assembly lube 
  18. TQ vs. HP which is more important
  19. Importance of Rod Ratio? 
  20. 383 dyno results 
  21. Is $200,000.00+ for an engine too much?  
  22. Ported Ford 289 heads with port energy discussion 
  23. Wave Tuning Goals 
  24. The latest "snake oil" from the Sema show 
  26. broken world heads 
  27. Singh grooves in cylinder head 
  28. The 128# LCA calculator saga Part II 
  29. what do you guys think of this? Part II 
  30. Engine Dynos 
  31. Disappointing power on 434 race engine
  32. formula to determine plenum size 
  33. Fatal Mistakes
  34. Is there a viable low cost flow bench? 
  35. HONING procedure   
  36. Arao Cleveland heads 
  37. Engine Masters. Daily report
  38. Darin Morgan Pro-Stock Ford Head
  39. Where does power come from? 
  40. BBC Camshaft LSA question 
  41. Erson Cams Quality Discussion 
  42. 421 small block dyno flog 
  43. Tight Lobe Separation angles 
  44. piston failure 
  45. Engine Masters Challenge teardown question 
  46. 2 heads better than 1 - power porting E7TE iron. 
  47. Before/After grooved head pictures 
  48. Singh Groove testing redux and CFD for groove positioning. 
  49. Design Review Please (EFI Manifold) 
  50. Calculating IFR/air bleed size on a Holley (long)